Author: Lakshmi Anila

We are often busy in our life with either professional or household work.  From dawn to dusk we spend every single minute prioritizing and engage in organizing our day. But it is very rare that we organize our leisure time. Leisure is often considered as a” time pass” and to be overlooked. If managed thoughtfully this is a spare time that could be well utilized for personal development in a very creative way. Nothing could stop you from doing things that you enjoy yourself.

Many people blame ‘lack of time’ as not able to peruse their passion. Honestly it is not a reason good enough. It is all about how you prioritize your time.  No one is really busy enough not to manage some time for themselves.  Excuses and laziness are two shields that people hide behind, to pardon themselves from an active self-task. There are many ways that one could creatively utilize their ‘me time’. Developing hobbies are the best way to keep our mind relaxed which in turn help us get best result of productivity in various aspects of life.

There are many simple ways in which we could develop our interest and invest in some meaningful activities. It is not that hard to explore our passion. Moreover, developing a skill could add on to our self-confidence. All we need is to take a pocket diary and jot down things that interests us and we would like to do, just like a mini version of “bucket list” Take a resolution to fulfill it day by day or at some point of time in near future depending upon the complexity of the activity. So let’s stop complaining of boredom and wasting time by simply lying on the couch with  a bucket of chips and watching the idiot box.

Try to sit back for a moment and close our eyes and take a deep breath and clear our clouded mind and relax ourselves. Note down that one thing we wanted very badly away from your ordinary life, that makes us lively. Is it the road trip that was being post-pended or the travel plan that’s been delayed or the crazy adventures with friends that was being missed so badly? It will all come to us in a flash of thought when we make time for ourselves. Interest varies from person to person, so it is important to peep inside of ourselves to find the right fuel to lightening up our soul. At times happiness could be found in things that does not require much of our time and money.

When it comes to ‘me time’ it is all about what we want to do with our free time. Like meditating helps us calm ourselves from the anxieties that are co-webbed around us, if someone is looking for a better concentration power one would find it as a perfect combination to balance mind and emotions. Sound of music from the Himalayan bowls is something that would melt you, if you are a person looking out for spiritual consonance.

There is one thing that was once been a part of rich socialite life styles and a canny sight confided to big cities during the early hours of the day or in late evenings. It is none other than doing exercise. Lately with the escalating consciousness of the idea of fitness and health it is no longer restricted to certain communities in the society but people of all age group indulge in exercising. Various studies have shown that different forms of exercise helps not only shaping our body but also to curb down ailments. This is something one should not miss out because if its super exciting advantages.

If we have noticed the changes around us, we find that over a few decades people are more involved in tech savvy jobs mostly due to its higher scope of advancement in profession. The flip side is that it has cut down a lot of people involved in the activities of nature, especially farming. But in recent times, due to the alarming presence of pesticides in vegetables, at least a few of us have managed to grab some time to garden veggies in our residential premises. This is one way of useful utilization of our spare time, to have a self-grown kitchen garden. The harvest we make from our own kitchen garden is a matter of pride and credit. The idea is definite must do in the list.

Well speaking of food, we all have done our own experimentation with cooking, say might be it is out of a call of necessity at some point of time in our lives. For many of us cooking is a passion, a love of our life. From cooking, smoothies and to baking, it is really fulfilling for the soul to prepare a variety of dishes and serve our loved ones. For those people who dream of themselves to be a chef, wake up and act up on your dreams. Pour out you heart in every bite of your dish and share the happiness as much as you want. Being happy is a sign of healthy heart.

It’s true that we sometimes cannot stop our self from admiring others sense of fashion. All the cuts, flares, sleeves and the slits might be an interest for many of us. For those who have been busy in their unavoidable call of duty for quite some time, it is time to get back our sewing machines which may be somewhere in our store room or covered in dust waiting for an union with us, awaiting for the wonderful piece of creations. Doesn’t it sound like a long-lost track of time , once upon a time we passioned? Let’s not waste any more time for those who love stitching because there is nothing prouder to wear our own self designed cloths.

We come across people who have lots to say about their lives; it could be anyone-  a colleague, a friend, a relative or even a stranger we have met. A piece of mind they share would leave us awe stuck. We may wonder or even advise them to pen it down, might be the person is not sure of the quality of the content or lack of time, he or she may postpone it and will never get back to the thought.  For those of us with creative minds but are lost in the huzzle buzzles of lives, slow down a bit and take some time to pen down these events / stories; it is not worth living without expressing ourselves. Words one lay down could inspire someone, somewhere who might be reaching out for the inspiration.

There are people around us who might be low key activists, who prefer to spend their spare time doing random act of kindness or being a part of a supporting group. People who are willing to share  and gain a wide range of experience which one would certainly not find in books or in office work. Such activities in our ‘me-time’ will not only refresh us physically and mentally, but help  others find a solution for their problems.

In short, it is very important for us to be involved in things that enhances  ourselves. One should not hold back from opening up to new opportunities and keep learning for both professional and personal growth. Always keep an open mind to explore new things because life is short and one must not be left with regrets of not have had lived life to its fullest.

Now we are in an unprecedented situation like Covid 19, where in our mobility has been restricted due to factors beyond our control. This situation has to be faced for a further longer period and hence a right time for getting into our ‘me-time’ to keep us from the socio-psychological stress and the anxiety factors.

So what are you up to in your “ me time” ?

Image Courtesy: Vinicius Altava from Pexels 
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