Recipe – Appe

 Recipe by : Madhura Kulkarni

What do you do with stale rice? Make appe!

Appe is a Maharashtrian dish. It is also made in other parts on South India and is known by different regional names.


Stale Rice – 1 bowl

Chopped Onion

Chopped Green chilies

Chopped Coriander

Fresh Lemon

Corn Flour




In a grinder, make a paste of stale rice. We use stale rice because the moisture in the cooked rice get diminished. Ensure the rice is not too stale. We don’t want to fall sick! 🙂 

Take the paste out in a bowl.

Add corn flour to make the paste little thicker

Add salt and sugar as per taste

Now, add chopped onion, chopped chilies, chopped coriander, and squeeze some fresh lemon into the mixture.

Now pour the mixture into the pockets of griddle meant for Appe

Roast on both side

Serve it with Chutney or Curd

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