Life is a patchwork of friends

 Author: Lakshmi Anila
In this big busy world people often tend to be lost in technology. With smart phones, ipads, apps, video games, individuals tend to isolate themselves from relationships. In the process of virtual socialization we do forget how is it to sit with people we love and care and to have a real conversation.

One of the most and best sort of relationships that we have would be friendship. No one can deny that. No worldly human could exist without a true friend. In short, a good friend is like a medicine (a happy pill). A conversation with our best friend whether meaningful or not will make our day best in the middle of all hustle buzzle going around. Just like the old saying, “an apple a day keeps doctor away”, a true friend could keep “stress “away from our life.

Most of our memories are always with our friends. It could be a road trip, a cup of coffee and cookie chat or a beach day, movie date and so on. List is endless. Best friends are like soul mates. We enjoy every single thing we do along with them without any regrets. In fact, friends are the family we get to choose.

There are different dynamics to friendship.

As a child, we choose friends to play with their toys. In adolescence, the friendship serves to be more of self disclosure. In adulthood, friendship takes a form of an intense and meaningful relationship.

Networking of friendship varies from person to person. Sometimes a person needs to move from their geographical location in perseverance of new experience, where they have to leave their old friends and shake hands with new ones. As time flies, they lose touch with their old friends. There are some others who tend to have only few people as their friends and will keep up with it. Some people seek new friends as well as keep in touch with old ones too. In short friends are comrades in our journey of life.

It is important to know who our real friends are. It is not that any random person who could be trusted with sharing our personal life. One should be very careful in choosing friends. Not everyone seems to be exactly the same as they are, as externally presented and of course not everyone is genuinely glad in our happiness and success.

We should know the fact that friends do influence our life in a way that we often seek advice when in need from a friend. A friend could be one of any age group. Sometimes a true friend could be someone from our family or even our spouse.

So we have to be wise in choosing people whom we want to spend time with.

In this digital world, we often meet people on social media whom we have not met in person. We may be attracted to the post they share on Instagram ,Twitter , Facebook etc.  It is sometimes hard to say whether they are really the person they portray to be or someone entirely different. By saying this, I am not someone who is against social media friends. All I wanted is to draw attention to the point that it should be with our “wisdom” that we have to deal with people in this subtle world.

Not all the people we include in our friendship list need to stay along the way with us. Some may fall out for the good or bad. As we might have often come across the quote “People whom we meet in life always have something to teach us whether its  good or a bad lesson.”

As Jesse Peyronel said “It’s really important to have those people in your life who push you to be  better, different.”

Sometimes we have no idea of how people have control of our life. So, it is really important to constantly examine the people in our life and ensure that they are trustworthy. When we seek for a trustworthy friend, make sure to count our-self to be one. It is necessary to better ourselves in relation with other. If we are compassionate, we deserve compassion. We all make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable part of our life. What is important is to learn from our mistake and better our-self, and only then people respect us. Also we must ensure that the relation we have with our-self is positive. Only a positive person will always be a positive friend.

A positive relationship plays a vital role in our well being. The more closely we are connected to the people we love, the happier we feel and the more personal satisfaction we have in our life.

In a positive friendship people encourage each other to support practically as well as emotionally. They make celebrations fun, and help us be ourselves. Most importantly, true friendship stands for a relationship free of any judgments. It is easy to judge a person but difficult to understand the reason behind it. Understanding is crucial in any kind of relationship.

So, it is as important as any other decisions in our life to choose a good and quality friend, also be one. Many people walk in and out of our life, but only true friends will leave foot print in our heart.


Photo Courtesy: Zhaocan Li,Cottonbro,Helena Lopes, Artem Beliaikin from Pexels
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