Kabir Singh, Movie Review


Review by: Koyel Duttagupta

Love: Obsessive, Compulsive and Protective

The most purest emotion, considered by all is ‘Love’. Love can be of different types – one such form came in the forefront off late is in the movie ‘Kabir Singh’.

Shahid as ‘Kabir Singh’ is stupendous. He has made the character too real, thriving with his acting prowess. Kabir Singh is a re-make of Telugu flick ‘Arjun Reddy’ where Vijay Sai Deverakonda as the male protagonist is too rough and raw but a doctor in his final year in college.

Eventually his love for a new joiner Preeti in college grows immensely which reaches a stage when it becomes boundless, freeflow without inhibitions.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the Director, for both these versions wanted to depict a different shade of Love which audience at large have never witnessed before.

The male protagonist – Kabir or Arjun love his woman in her totality, the way she is. His words like ‘ I am not a rebel without a cause’ or ‘A woman’s true love keeps her man warm’ show he is upfront, direct and possessive about his love which to him is a valued possession. He is obsessive too but simultaneously prefers to keep his woman safe, secured and protected all the time. He is rough, he hits her as well but its his helplessness to not being able to keep her with him as the way he wanted.

The songs in these films also portrays equal intensity, passion and true love. The angst, self destructive mode of Kabir or Arjun touches your heart in a big way. Be it ‘Bekhayali’ or ‘Tenni Ve Nennuve’ have the same feel but sung in two different languages.

These melodies lift his woman of interest to a new high level whom he loves more than himself and worships to certain extent. Preeti, a next door girl, finds this admiration too overwhelming to believe in the beginning. But her willingness to get cared for, to get loved for, to get valued for – gradually drew her towards him instantly. 

To few Kabir or Arjun might come across as a dominating male lover. But this dominance is a different shade of love which can be portrayed as ‘over protectiveness’ which eventually triggered a self destruction mode in Kabir or Arjun but these emotions are closely linked. Love can be overprotective, obsessive and dominating but can be mutual at the same time. 

About the author: Koyel is a banker by profession and a mother of a bubbly 5 year old princess. In her free time, Koyel loves to write, watch movies, television shows, and read psychology books. Currently, she's exploring the art of tarot reading.
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