It doesn’t always have to be all that complicated!


Author: Lakshmi Anila

We all have at one point experienced some anxiety, insecurity, pressure to cope up with our lives. But have we ever thought whether it is really necessary to go through such undesired situations in our lives? The fact is that our society has imposed these pressures upon us as a part of social norm.

Right from our childhood we are under pressure. “PRESSURE” What exactly is it? When we are constantly being compared to others, when our limits are benchmarked with others, we feel an uneasiness. Do you think it’s really necessary? Well I would say “NO”.

As a child, our skills whether in academics or extra-curricular activities are being judged by comparison, to that extent, we are under constant pressure of always keeping up to others expectations. This continues all throughout our life.

Now what is the solution for this? Let our skills be compared with our own limitations and remind ourselves that ‘we’ decide our own limitations.

What we can achieve with our abilities and how it can be modified so that we could succeed with our skills for the betterment of life. Acknowledge that everyone is different from others. This is the key to unlock success.

Now comes teenage life. It is another nightmare.

When in teenage, we are very self-conscious. Worried about how we look. It’s a matter of reputation for many. Not for themselves but for the eyes of others. This is an age when one is told how presentable they should be to fit in an attractive peer group. People at this age crave for compliments for their looks. It makes them feel they are worthy. We are under constant pressure to keep up to the standards society recommends.

Do you think it is necessary?

Why not focus on the talent you have got within yourself more than the way you look. A good talent could always attract applauds and compliments. Your abilities should mark your worth more that your physical appearance.

In our adulthood too pressures would never give us a break.

Adulthood is basically linked with success. Majority of adults are chasing it. It’s a matter of their status. When we constantly run behind materialistic things, we are under pressure to acquire it.

Do you think it is necessary?

Success is not equal to how much money or materialistic possession you own. One should be more conscious of happiness. We all have heard the quote ‘money cannot buy happiness’. One should indulge in what makes them happier and where one could find peace in doing the things in one’s life. Success is different for different people.  One should focus on his / her path of life, instead of constantly comparing it with others.

Now comes old age. We never get to rest even at this age. People at this age always feel insecure because of the lack of socializing with the loved one’s around them as they expect it. Worries of both external and internal matters take a toll on their health. They are under constant pressure to be involved in the lives of their loved ones to keep themselves engaged.

Many seniors find it hard to beat their boredom. People at this age have already worked hard to live their life and provide secured future to their loved ones. It’s time to take a break, to relax, and rejuvenate. To focus on the little happiness they deserve, to self-pamper, to travel, to read a book they like, to do all those things that they have already postponed in their life.

Utilize this leisure time to build a mental and physical healthy life style. See it’s hard to keep all pressures out of life, but we can keep at least some of them out of life.

To sum it all, we all need ‘happy living’ and we must find our pleasures within ourselves! Do not be burdened by societal pressures! Carve your own path for happy life!





[Image Courtesy: @INSTAGUILHERME from Pexels]

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