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Author: Poonam Pratik

People often talk about hobbies. But what are hobbies? Hobbies to me are the tools that reintroduce you to yourself. I feel that hobbies are as important as education. Hobbies bring along a stream of soul enriching joy that you automatically spread along. I have hobbies too. I love gardening. I have developed a small terrace garden which has lot of flowering plants and some herbs. I also enjoy reading novels, painting, and trying some DIY’s.

Thanks to my hobbies, I never once felt bored during this lock-down.

To utilize our time fruitfully, we decided to do a wall makeover. I would like to believe that the makeover has been a great success. Let me share our makeover story with you all. If you like it, do try it at home!

My husband Pratik and I love brick walls. We wanted to give our drawing room wall a brick wall look. But we wanted to do it ourselves. We began doing our research. We watched a lot of videos and finalized a plan.

The size of our wall is about 10 ft x 7ft.

We bought a marking tape from a hardware store which costed us roughly Rs. 170/-,

We got 10 kgs putty for Rs. 375/-,  a rolling brush and white paint. We got white paint because I like the colour. You can choose to buy a colour of your choice.

Once we got all the material, we began by cleaning the wall to get rid of dust particles.

The size of a typical brick is 4”x9”. Considering that,  we made markings with a pen on the wall. 4 inches vertical and 4.5 inches horizontal. We then pasted the marking tape on the wall. These markings appear like a page of a squared math book.

Now, using a cutter, we cut out the marking tapes in alternative square to give it a look of a brick.

Once the tapes are cut off, the brick mold becomes visible.

You’re all set to begin applying the wall putty.

In a big bucket or tub, take the powdered putty. Add water to the putty and mix it. This is the most boring of all tasks. But do not loose patience. Keep mixing till you end up creating a lump free thick paste.

Remember, success to this project depends upon these critical tedious processes, the wall markings and mixing of the putty! Success is guaranteed if you sail through these two time-consuming processes.

Once done, begin by getting your hands dirty.

Apply this putty on your entire wall using your bare hands. Now roll the rolling brush over it. Roller brush will give the wet putty a textured look.

Now, delicately remove the marking tapes off the wall.

The wall may take 4-6 hrs to dry. Once dry, apply the paint of your choice on the wall.

Taaadaaa! Now pat your own back. Coz, your brick wall is ready!

You can enhance your newly created brick wall with some wall hangings, some plants, lights, or anything that you fancy!

Watch our video for the complete process.

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[Image Courtesy:  Vitória Santos from Pexels]

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