Get Fit With Master Trainer, Preity Kotwal


Workout By: Preity Kotwal 

Preity is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) and International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified trainer with expertise in strength training, boot camps, pre/post natal workouts, kick-boxing, power yoga, kids fitness, & Reebok aerobics. She is also certified to design workouts for medically challenged population! In her 20 years of stint as a personal trainer, Preity has brought back over 100s of clients to optimal fitness.

We are glad Preity agreed to share a basic home work regime that all of us can follow at home as many of us are confined to home spaces and unable to venture out to gyms.

Workout Duration – 10 mins 
Workout Intensity – Light – Moderate 
Target Area – Full Body 
Disclaimer: Avoid the workout should you have any pre-condition that prohibits you from working out!
Perform a basic warm-up before beginning the workout.


Squats – 20 Reps /2 sets
Jumping Jacks – 20 Reps/2 sets
Hip Extensions – 20 Reps /2 sets
Side Knee Ups -10 Reps/2 sets
Plank – 1 min. hold /2 sets

Cool down

 Shoulder And Chest Stretch – 30 Sec hold /2 sets              
Pelvic Lift – 10 Reps/2 sets
Stretch In Sitting Position – 30 sec. hold/2 sets
Legs Raised On The Wall – 30 sec. hold /2 sets
Sitting Cross Legs Relaxation Pose -1 min.
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Feature image courtesy – Pexels

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