Fresh Like A Flower


Author: Meera Kumar

Fresh like a flower.  Fresh like the dew drops on a leaf. Fresh like the colours of nature.

The way you feel when as a child you just ran and ran; feeling the wind in the air. No inhibitions, no stress, no worries. Life was fun, frolic and fresh! It’s been so long I have felt fresh.  Literally FRESH.

 I always wonder how it will be like to wake up in the morning feeling elated, happy, with a smile and FRESH! I wonder when there will be a day when I wake up without an alarm! I work hard towards my goal to feel FRESH!

I read books, I paint and draw, I feel the cool breeze blowing in from my window! I do everything I can to feel FRESH! I play with my son; I have some lovey-dovey talk to my husband. I feel happy. I feel good. I feel loved.

One of my friends describes about the place where she comes from. She says there is a small stream flowing nearby from our house. The small house is on a small hill top, well she is pahadi! She tells me, ‘close your eyes’ and visualize. Me, sitting on a small stone amidst the stream, trees swaying around, a cool breeze blowing and me drinking it all in! I do as she tells me and I somehow start feeling it. I start feeling FRESH.

 So my conquest begins. I take my husband and my son on a small hiking trip. To the jungles, we take a backpack, fill up my son’s favourite snacks and away we go. We walk amongst the small hillocks. My kiddo is tired after walking so we find a place to sit. We find a huge green field, lush green, beautiful shades of green, eye-soothing green, a vast place, never ending!

My son enjoys his snacks and then plays around. Me and my husband, lie down on our picnic blanket. I place my head on his chest and close my eyes!  A cool breeze, silence except my son’s playful noises, and the birds chirping. A calm sweeps over me! A lovely calm! I just lie there with my eyes closed!

My son is enjoying playing in the grass and trees! He is searching for small insects in the grass! He is happily showing us his finds. He is asking umpteen questions and my husband is answering all of them. I watch them from the carpet. I feel good! I feel myself smile! I feel happy. I feel some more fresh!

But I still have to attain my ultimate goal. I want to be fresh as a flower. I am nagging my husband for a holiday and finally he gives in. We plan to go holidaying in the mountains. We take a flight and train to the mountains. The views are breathtaking! It’s like coming to a magical place. The snowcapped mountains look straight out of a picture. I hold my son’s and husband’s hand and we walk together. We have arrived at our happy place.

I get up in the morning. I see the faces of my boys, peacefully snoring away. I go out in the balcony of our hotel room. I sit in the chair. It’s dawn and looks like the sun is about to come up. And there comes a cool breeze and brings and aroma of hot ginger tea with it.

Ha-ha! Bingo! I close my eyes and drink up the feeling. I feel the sunrays on my face. I open my eyes and the sun has cast a lovely, lovely glow on the mountains! Ah! The feeling, it’s so different! What is it?

I feel FRESH! I feel it. It’s in my face, in my body, in my smile! I don’t want to let it go, ever! I smile and grin from my mouth to mouth! I exhale deeply. My husband wakes up and comes besides me. He is puzzled by my smile! He looks at me with a question in his eyes! But, it is my secret! Only me!

 I give him a smile and take his hand. We see the beautiful sunrise. We feel happy! I feel blessed! We feel loved. We feel FRESH.

I bring this FRESHNESS with me back home. I feel it all the time now. I feel it when my son laughs, I feel it when my husband loves me, and I feel it when I meet my family. I feel it when I meet my nephew! I feel it when the rain falls; I feel it when it’s hot even!  I am FRESH. My life is finally FRESH.

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