Don’t Procrastinate, Use a Habit Tracker



Author: Gouri Shreeganga 

Habit tracker is one of my favourite topics. It’s  a game changer in one’s life, especially for the quarantined life. I started using this in 2019, just to see if I can commit to a routine, well as I expected, I didn’t get through. I must have changed at least four habit trackers to settle on the final one, which I am using now.

Most of you must be wondering, “habit and routine are the same things right”, well it’s not. It is the habit that creates a routine. Habits tend to stay for a lifetime, but the routine method you can change, depending on your circumstances and your requirements. I started following the pattern of tracker religiously since February this year.

Here are a few simple tricks for a simple and successful habit tracker.

Keep the number short

I have changed four habit trackers to realise this. There shouldn’t be more than ten habits in your list and a minimum of 5. In my first habit tracker, I was tracking 25 habits which is why I reduced to 10. Every time I procrastinate, I miss one mark, and it follows at the end of the month. In the end, I will have the whole set of blank rows and columns. These blank rows will discourage you later, and you will feel like leaving this plan forever. So KEEP IT SHORT.

Be specific of what you want to achieve

Once you have decided the count, the next step is to know your targets. It should be simple and straightforward, such as waking up at 5, Prepare Breakfast.

Like I said earlier, set Habits targets in such a way, that it eventually becomes something part of your life, something effortlessly to be followed.

Keep reasonable targets

You should Stick to reasonable goals, something you can achieve. Start with small things, such as water the plants, spend 15 min for meditation, Practise the violin, learn a new language and so forth. I repeat, do not keep targets to with intentions to form a routine,

Google apps to the rescue

You will find a zillion application for habit tracker like Habitica, Coach me etc., but the most accessible reliable are the ones we create. For that, you can always use an excel sheet. You can even use the excel sheets in google drive, its much easier to manage that way.

Last but not least

Be persistent

Never give, there might be days that you haven’t done anything, but do not let this bother you, be persistent. Persistence will help you achieve your goals. Once you reach your goal, replace it with a new habit.

Learn and Perish!

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