My memoirs in Japan by Prachi Kulkarni


Author: Prachi Kulkarni I take this opportunity given by Womendiaries to briefly put my 12+ years of experiences in Japan as a working mother & a wife/chief supporter to a husband with start-up business in Japan focused on IT & FOOD. When we hear “Japan” it gives us an image […]



Author: Lakshmi Anila We are often busy in our life with either professional or household work.  From dawn to dusk we spend every single minute prioritizing and engage in organizing our day. But it is very rare that we organize our leisure time. Leisure is often considered as a” time […]

The Art of Rock Balancing


Author: Lakshmi Anila We have often come across things in life that are considered to be merely impossible but still in front of our eyes. Actually, the fact is that we have never tried to convince ourselves to give them a try. Things that seem physically impossible are actually being […]

The Gift of a Sustainable Life


Author: Ruchita Jagzap Ruchita is an Urban Designer, practicing Architect and a mother to a soon to be 4 year old child. Apart from her professional works she is also passionate about Urban Farming & Plantation drives. She actively participates in community farming and local Plantation programs. Recently she published […]

It doesn’t always have to be all that complicated!


Author: Lakshmi Anila We all have at one point experienced some anxiety, insecurity, pressure to cope up with our lives. But have we ever thought whether it is really necessary to go through such undesired situations in our lives? The fact is that our society has imposed these pressures upon […]

Give Your Wall a Makeover


Author: Poonam Pratik People often talk about hobbies. But what are hobbies? Hobbies to me are the tools that reintroduce you to yourself. I feel that hobbies are as important as education. Hobbies bring along a stream of soul enriching joy that you automatically spread along. I have hobbies too. […]

Don’t Procrastinate, Use a Habit Tracker


              Author: Gouri Shreeganga  Habit tracker is one of my favourite topics. It’s  a game changer in one’s life, especially for the quarantined life. I started using this in 2019, just to see if I can commit to a routine, well as I expected, […]

Get Fit With Master Trainer, Preity Kotwal


Workout By: Preity Kotwal  Preity is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) and International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified trainer with expertise in strength training, boot camps, pre/post natal workouts, kick-boxing, power yoga, kids fitness, & Reebok aerobics. She is also certified to design workouts for medically challenged population! In […]