Don’t Procrastinate, Use a Habit Tracker


              Author: Gouri Shreeganga  Habit tracker is one of my favourite topics. It’s  a game changer in one’s life, especially for the quarantined life. I started using this in 2019, just to see if I can commit to a routine, well as I expected, […]

Get Fit With Master Trainer, Preity Kotwal


Workout By: Preity Kotwal  Preity is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) and International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified trainer with expertise in strength training, boot camps, pre/post natal workouts, kick-boxing, power yoga, kids fitness, & Reebok aerobics. She is also certified to design workouts for medically challenged population! In […]

Why I got married thrice?


Author: Varsha Pokle Love gets boring! It truly does! I am saying this out of experience. I am happily married in love. It’s been 6 long years of marriage, before that we knew each other for 10 long years. How do we keep this going strong and keep that spark […]

Kabir Singh, Movie Review


Review by: Koyel Duttagupta Love: Obsessive, Compulsive and Protective The most purest emotion, considered by all is ‘Love’. Love can be of different types – one such form came in the forefront off late is in the movie ‘Kabir Singh’. Shahid as ‘Kabir Singh’ is stupendous. He has made the […]

From A Girl’s Life


Author: Dipti Sahani From a girl who couldn’t sleep without reading, to a girl who sleeps with a book only resting by the bedside – life’s changed so much.  As a habit I picked in my teens, I still carry an unread novel in my bag. Why boast when you […]

My Solo Trip to Leh, Ladhakh


Author: Nilambari Joshi I decided to go on a solo trip to Leh Ladakh. Solo in the sense, I was to accompany a completely unknown group of ladies on my trip. Earlier my father and now my husband has always encouraged me to embark on this journey alone. It adds […]