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Author: Teja Dighe

Teja is Lecturer, Law Professional, certified hypnotherapist and Founder of ‘Recourse Life – Life Purpose Assistance Coaching’ based in Pune, India.


“Each of us is born for a purpose, and we want our lives to matter. I don’t think it’s unique to only some of us; it’s a longing of every human being.”  –Garrett Gravesen

Hi, my name is Teja Dighe, I am a Certified Life Coach based in Pune, coaching since 2012 under the garb of being a Lecturer. I am also a certified hypnotist, a Law professional who has closely observed the mindsets of doting parents on the verge of getting divorced and criminals who’ve performed petty to unforgivable crimes. Above all, I am a teacher who has undergone critical evaluation of minds ranging from age 19 to 25.

Through my coaching, I have always helped people to deal powerfully with whatever challenges or issues they are facing in life, whether it be related to relationships, career, health, among others.

Passion always begin with a sense of play. Just observe the activities that keep you up all night, is my mantra for the ones seeking their purpose in life. Always bear in mind that more a major life decision scares you, the more you need to be doing it.

I am an avid reader and I would like to share a simple story which concludes on the aspect of never giving up. Whatever be the situation or circumstance, if we try to find solution and if we imagine to successfully overcome the breakdown, nothing can stop us from doing so. The story represents mindsets of two athletes.

There were two high jump players who had similar routines, same physical capabilities and similar coaches. Both of them were very much aware of different methods to capture the desired gold in their event. Both were also aware of the Fosbury Flop technique to attain the desired outcome in the game.

But there existed a major difference between them. One of them believed that he could jump over the bar and the other didn’t think he could.

Who do you feel is more likely to be successful?

The answer to this question is simple.

Once you’ve prepared yourself and done the hard work, all that’s left is to believe. Believe that you’re ready and you can give your hundred percent in whatever the task may be. Believe that you can do it.

You need to investigate and understand what your belief system is? You need to identify your life purpose.

“What do I desire to do with my life?”

“What am I truly passionate about?”

“What do I not suck at?”

If you are stuck in a situation in life and feel helpless or lost, whether in career or personal life, life coach is the go-to person who can help you unclog and bring more clarity in finding your solutions.

We evaluate a person based on, what drives their passions and interests? What inspires them?  Where do they need to go in their life i.e. what do they aspire for?  We evaluate their talents and skills which in turn lead to assessing their personality and their competitive advantage.

Magic and miracles truly happen by aligning the destination by goal setting.

We need to understand one simple thing as a coach and client that we need to put pieces together, observing the positive and negatives of the past and the present and assumptions about the future. This can help us define or determine our purpose. Sometimes, unexpected incidents too point out our life purposes.

Finally, when we identify answers to all the above questions, we can pen down our own declaration about our beliefs, our values and what do we stand for in life.

Purpose to me is a ‘trial-by-fire process’. To understand life purpose, imagine a world without yourself. The stories people will tell when you are gone forever. As you struggle, remember that regardless of the outcome, you are truly fulfilling your life’s purpose.

With Recourse Life – Life Purpose Assistance Coaching we work to provide your personal manifesto. We create a vision board for you with all your realistic wishes and desires. We assess and identify your passions and purpose of life by helping you solve your puzzles with worksheets provided by us.

We wish the universe to deliver a life of purpose to you all.

“People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get ahead in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” – George Bernard Shaw

To get assessed by Recourse Life – Contact Teja @ (0091) 9325101480 / 9890025326 

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