Awareness is the Key


  Author: Tanvi Urankar (Nutrition and Health Coach)

I, as a woman, take pride in the fact that today’s women are so career oriented. Chasing ambition is great but not at the cost of your health. Its important to strike balance, for which I suggest lifestyle changes.

The priority would be to take out at least one hour for yourself everyday to do anything that that makes you happy.

Accept what you are. Work towards being the best version of yourself. If you fail to do so, you are not going to move ahead. Indulge in things you love, but draw a line. If not then you have to pray price for it. Don’t push yourself to a level where tomorrow you have to run that extra mile to take care of yourself. Do things on a daily basis.

Consistency is the key. Definitely, do not look for shortcut, because there aren’t any. While I encourage people to eat healthy and workout, I also tell them to indulge occasionally, in terms of food, keeping in mind portion control. This helps strike a balance by not cutting out things they like. However one has to understand that shortcuts do not work, no matter what, when it comes to ones, well being.

Awareness is the key. Rely on consistency, long term lifestyle changes to get you to your health goals. I am finding my way with regards to my health and wellness. I make sure I overcome my mistakes. An ideal day, for me, would be to wake up and be able to make the right choices. I make sure my food and nutrition is taken care of holistically. Sleep is the next most important thing in my lifestyle.

You always have a choice to quit a bad habit or a situation. The more excuses you give about your life the more you must stand up to the consequences. So I intend to prioritize and have more balanced life now.

I am taking baby steps now, as I learn and I know its not going to happen overnight because each one of us has their set of responsibilities.

So, in pursuit of good health, everything goes back to balance, awareness, acceptance, priorities and choices you make.

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Picture Courtesy:  Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
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