About Us

Womendiaries is an initiative by sister duo Madhura Kulkarni Meera Kumar.

Here’s the story of how Womendiaries came to being!

One fine evening while having our tea, we discussed how we enjoyed reading the small book-sized magazine that would get delivered to our house every month. The stories in that magazine would many a times inspire us, educate us, inform us, touch us…We thought of exploring the idea of starting a website that could provide a platform which is paperless and free where we could share such stories. Within a month of that discussion and many YouTube tutorials later, Womendiaries was live in 2012.

We’ve developed it, we fund it, we maintain it, we gather the content, we edit it, we manage the social media…it’s all ‘we’ for ‘us’!

We thank you for your continued support to this work of passion and invite you to continue sharing your stories for the world to get inspired!


Madhura is a full time mom of a naughty 8 yr old boy. In her free time she reads, writes, watches, cooks, plants! Professionally, she  is a communication specialist working in a major IT firm. Womendiaries is her dream project and she strives to dedicate her free time to the website. 

Meera is her students favorite teacher working at a school in Singapore.  She loves children and keep looking for resources to enhance learning experience of her kids. She’s a strong supporter and a motivator.  Her interesting posts on Womendiaries Facebook page and a strong network of contacts has helped add stories to Womendiaries kitty.