5 Ways to Beat The Pandemic Blues


The Covid-19 Pandemic has us all locked up in our confined safe spaces. We are studying from home, working from home, working for home! It is just not natural to be not venturing out. The pandemic gloominess is real! Are you struggling to beat the murk? Here are a few simple tips that could help!


It’s time to cover your greys ladies! Wax. Spray yourselves with your signature perfume and deodorant. Follow your make-up routine that you followed before the pandemic. Straighten your hair or curl them. But just, don’t stop self-grooming! Make yourself feel good. Although pyjamas are comfortable, make a habit of wearing office/outdoor clothes often. Looking and feeling fresher helps in elevating mood!



Start your day with at least 30 minutes exercise. Exercise reduces body’s stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol and stimulates feel good hormones, endorphins that also act like natural painkillers. Don’t think of exercise as cardio, yoga, weights, jogs, or walks. A mad dance to your favorite song is also exercise. Make exercise a habit without expectations about its outcome!


Reduce Screen Time

I know the content on OTT platforms is way too appealing and engaging! It’s only natural to be curious and binge-watch. But, try keeping that cat in the hat! Stop ferociously scrolling your Instagram and FBs. It’s damaging both to the eyes and mind! While knowing what’s happening around us is justified, don’t over indulge in sad content on social media or news! Don’t be a blind recipient of political propagandas. Do not engage in political discussions in your friends & family groups. It may lead to unwarranted stress! And for peace sakes, reduce screen time!


Chart a Schedule

Charting out a schedule makes you purpose driven. Our years of conditioning has taught us to chase time. Use this conditioning to your benefit. Set alarms on your phone for things you plan to do repeatedly every day. Follow a regimen by segmenting time for super mundane activities too like listening to music.


Value the time in your hand

This is just the perfect time to learn something new. Set the dreamer in you loose and follow your heart. It’s never too late to learn something new. Acquire new skills. Complete that unfinished book. Focus your energies on the business plan that you’d secretly conceived. Start your YouTube channel. Learn how to knit. Paint. Sing. Monitor the regime that helps your plant bear flowers. This precious time in hand will never come back once when the routine begins!


Do not hesitate to seek professional help if mood wise things are beyond your control!

Stay safe!

Stay cheerful!


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