What is hypnotherapy? How does it work? Is past life regression real? Hear it from Hypnotherapist Rachna Murdeshwar

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Meet Rachna Murdeshwar. Rachna is a certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family Constellation Facilitator, Past Life Regression Therapist, NLP Practitioner & Access Bar Practitioner. She has been healing since 2008. Before that, she taught health sciences at Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune. Rachna, walk us through your journey of […]

Sandhan Valley, A Trek to Remember by Damini Mahajan


Author: Damini Mahajan “It was telling me to kneel, to bow. It was very mesmerizing. The mighty Sahyadri mountain ranges were calling me. The scenic beauty left me speechless and without thinking, I bowed” Have you ever been to Sandhan valley? The place is very near to my heart. The […]

My memoirs in Japan by Prachi Kulkarni


Author: Prachi Kulkarni I take this opportunity given by Womendiaries to briefly put my 12+ years of experiences in Japan as a working mother & a wife/chief supporter to a husband with start-up business in Japan focused on IT & FOOD. When we hear “Japan” it gives us an image […]

5 Ways to Beat The Pandemic Blues


The Covid-19 Pandemic has us all locked up in our confined safe spaces. We are studying from home, working from home, working for home! It is just not natural to be not venturing out. The pandemic gloominess is real! Are you struggling to beat the murk? Here are a few […]